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How do I add new supplies?

On the Supplies screen, tap the “+” on the top action bar to activate the New Supply screen.  The following fields are mandatory:

  • Manufacturer Name
  • Supply Name
  • Quantity (greater than zero)

The Low supply limit is the quantity at which the supply will be considered to be getting low and a notification displayed on the Home screen.  This also displays the remaining quantity on the Supplies screen in red if equal or below this threshold.

How do I add more of an existing supply?

When you receive a new batch of supplies, you can add this additional quantity to your existing number of supplies.  Simply tap on the supply name on the Supplies screen to bring up the Supply Details screen.

  1. Tap on the Edit icon (pencil) at the top action bar
  2. Tap on the Overflow Menu (3 dots) and then Add More

This will bring up a popup which will allow you to type in the additional quantity.  This will be added to the existing quantity.

As an alternate, you can do the math yourself and edit the quantity of the supply directly on the Edit Supply screen.

How do I change the low supply limit setting?

Each Supply entered in the Supplies screen has a Low Supply Limit setting.  If the quantity remaining of the supply is equal or less than this value then a Low Supply alert will be displayed on the Home screen. (default = 5)

How do I delete a supply?

To delete a supply that you are no longer using, tap Supplies tab. This brings up your list of current Supplies. Tap the Supply item that you want to delete and then tap the Trash Bin icon on the upper right corner of the screen. A prompt will display asking you to confirm that you want to delete the item from your supply list.

How do I change the display order of my supplies?

To change the order of the supplies in your list of Supplies, tap Sort by Name or Sort by Quantity drop-down on the top action bar.

Why is my remaining amount of my supply displayed in red?

The Low Supply Limit for each of the Supplies entered in your list determines when that supply is “about to run out”.  When your supply quantity on hand is less than or equal to the Low Supply Limit then there is a notification on the Home screen and also the remaining amount is displayed in red for the specific Supply.

How do I keep track of a multi-use supply?

If you have multi-use supplies such as paste, powders or sprays, we recommend that you estimate how many uses you get from these supplies and enter this as the quantity. (for example: If a tube of paste can be used for 10 appliance changes, and you have 2 tubes of paste, use 20 as the quantity of that supply.)

How do I enter that I have used my supplies?

Your OstoBuddy Home screen displays your next recommended appliance change in the lower right corner of the page. Normally this writing is white , however it will appear red when a change is due. When you change your appliance, tap on the lower right corner writing and you will be prompted to enter the supplies used with that appliance change. Check each supply you used and adjust the quantity if needed.

You can also open the Use Supplies screen by tapping the “+” icon on the upper right of the action bar on the Supply Usage screen.

How do I add a note to a supply change?

You can add notes to a Supply Usage by tapping the overflow menu (3 dots) on the top action bar and then choosing Add Notes.  Notes can be used to keep track of (but not limited to):

  • Condition of skin
  • Length of time the change took
  • Odor of output

What is the difference between a full and partial change?

A full change is displayed with a dark blue indicator while a partial change is displayed with a light blue indicator on the Supply Usage screen.  For example, a partial change is when you use a supply which does not require a full barrier change like wipes or deodorant or even just a pouch.

How do I see more/less of my history?

Tap Supply Usage to view your usage history. Tap on the filter on the top action bar to bring up choices for your history range view. Tap the range you want to see in your Supply Usage display. (default = 1 Month)

What happens when I delete an entry?

To delete a Supply Usage event, tap Supply Usage to bring up your usage history. Tap on the Supply Usage event you want to delete and then tap on the trash bin icon in the upper right corner of your screen. This will bring up a prompt to choose Yes or No to delete that event. When an event is deleted, the supply quantities are not replenished.

What is the Last Full Change on my Home Screen?

The Last Full Change displayed on the Home screen displays the last time a full change was completed. This also includes the number of days it’s been since the last full change.

What is the Next Full Change on my Home Screen?

The Next Full Change displayed on the Home screen displays the next recommended full change based on the last full change and the notifications settings.  In the Notification settings, Use Supplies every x days is used to determine this recommended change.

Why do I have Low Supplies displayed on my Home Screen?

When a Supply you have entered is at or below the Low Supply Limit set for that supply then a Low Supply alert is displayed on the Home screen.

How do I add my supplier information?

Tap on Settings and then Supplier Information. Tap the “+” icon on the action bar and the New Supplier screen will be displayed.  When you enter the Supplier Name and Supplier Phone Number, you will be able to call your suppliers directly from the app.

You can add more than one supplier on this list.

How can I call suppliers directly from OstoBuddy?

When you setup Suppliers with Phone Numbers on the Settings -> Supplier Information screen, the Call Supplier option will be enabled on the Home screen and the Supplier Information screens.

How do I set how often I usually use supplies?

Tap on Settings -> Notifications -> Use supplies every. This defines how often you usually use your supplies. Enter the usual frequency (number of days) that you normally change your appliance. The app will notify you when it is time to change based on the last time you used supplies and the frequency that you set.

How do I turn off reminders?

To turn off reminders, tap Settings -> Notifications. You can turn off the reminders by unchecking the Notify me setting.

How do I change the time I get reminders?

Tap on Settings -> Notifications. The Notify time setting determines when you will receive notifications to use your supplies.

What is the snooze setting for?

OstoBuddy will alert you when it’s time to use your supplies.  This alert is displayed in the notifications center and has an option to snooze the alert (just like a calendar alert).  You can choose what your default snooze setting should be (15 Minutes, 30 Minutes, 45 Minutes, 1 Hours, 3 Hours, 6 Hours, 12 Hours, 1 Day).

How do I rate/review OstoBuddy on the Play Store?

Tap on Settings -> Rate OstoBuddy. This will take you to the your Google Play Store to provide a review of the app. Reviews help others see the value of the app. Please report any bugs or suggestions via Settings -> Feedback & Support. This function sends and email to use and we promise to respond.

How do I share OstoBuddy with my friends and family?

Tap on Settings -> Share OstoBuddy and choose Message, Mail, Facebook or Twitter. We certainly appreciate you sharing the app!

Can I follow you on Twitter/Google+?

Absolutely! You can follow us on:

  • Twitter at
  • Google+ at

How do I send feedback?

Tap on Settings -> Feedback & Support. This allows you to initiate an email to us. Please send us any suggestions you may have and any features you would like for us to consider in the future!

How do I know which version of OstoBuddy do I have running on my device?

Tap on Settings.  The OstoBuddy version is displayed under the Feedback and Support option.

How do I add the OstoBuddy widget to my screen?

The OstoBuddy widget is a great way to have a quick glance at your data without needing to launch the OstoBuddy app. Devices vary but here are some general steps on how to add a widget to your home screen:

  1. Long press a blank area of your home screen
  2. Touch the widgets option
  3. Find the OstoBuddy widget, hold your finger on it
  4. While still holding your finger down, drag the widget to the space on the home screen you’d like to place it and drop it there
  5. You can also resize the widget to fit the area of the screen

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